Developing Your Twitter Brand


One of the most useful functions of Twitter is its influence on branding. Companies are not closed to the world anymore. They can now talk directly to their customers and inform them about their products and services with the help of status-updating or microblogging websites like Twitter. People can also ask questions and reach the desired company easily. However, with this open communication system, it is very important to maintain branding.

We have seen a lot of brands appear or evolve on Twitter. FluentSimplicity came with a Twitter Brand Index where all the brands of Twitter are listed. With this, we can clearly see how Twitter has helped companies not only to introduce their brand but also to engage with their customers in a more personal manner.

However, engagement must have its limits. After all, the name of the company is at stake with each tweet. Don’t make a mistake like astrospace did and lose your cool when talking to people. When using your company account, talk about relevant things. Don’t include your personal views and biases especially about religion and politics.

There are lots of ways on how you can define your brand on Twitter. Jeremiah Oywang provided some effective tips on his blog post “Web Strategy: The Evolution of Brands on Twitter”. For him, it is very important to study the situation and execute a proper action. He advised to study the audience and watch the buzz. He also pointed out that you should register your name lest you want it to be stolen. He reminds you to decide how you will interact with your followers and to provide a system of communications for questions and other information. Other tips which Marko Saric of “How to Make my Blog” showed on his blog post “Twitter-brand yourself to increase exposure and traffic” includes that you should just be generally helpful and friendly, limit advertising and moderate tweeting. He also added that the use of certain Twitter Applications may aid you in the creation of your brand. These are really helpful tips that companies can use especially if they are just planning to launch their brand on Twitter.

The popularity of Twitter has now reached its peak. With a lot of companies promoting and creating brands through Twitter, it is now more a tool than a social website. What companies must remember is to keep interaction personal and genuine. The last thing a follower wants to see is a robot who don’t talk and only promotes their brand.

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    Great point on keeping business business when branding. Twitter allows for open dialogue on a product or service and gives clients an opportunity to rant or rave. The raving builds brand the ranting builds product development.

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