Search engines expanding queries

When search engines grow and expand with technology, the search engine optimization techniques also grow. So any updated information from the field of SEO marketing has high relevance. It happens quite often that when you search for something, you received information that is not relevant. So people will have to refine their queries.  

So it is better if the search engines can expand a query based on the popularity ranking of the query. This system will be based on the behavior of the people while they use the search engines. users’ behavior in determining actions including clicking pages to get better results have a great role in this kind of popularity ranking for query expansion. Users also use different query refinement methods to get a suitable result for their query.  

Search engines can expand the query in a way that people will get interest in the new search engine result even if it is not directly related to the query words they used for searching. So when this kind of result is accepted by people, search engines can blend both of the queries in future. The acceptance for the blended result will be more from the part of the people. This will reduce the number of people leaving the search engines unsatisfied.


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