Link Building

Linking Methods

Most of the top search engines, such as Google, use link popularity as one of the most important factors in their ranking algorithms. In order to make your site appear more important and relevant to search engines, you need to increase the amount of quality inbound links to your site. This will also result in a higher Page Rank which usually goes hand-in-hand with a higher search engine position. Furthermore, there are a number of techniques that will help increase the link popularity of your website. These techniques are updated regularly and our philosophy here at RankMetric is to only practice white hat methods. If done correctly, there are many ways in which you can receive quality, one-way links to your site. The techniques often change as time progresses, but the principles still apply.

The following methods are ones that should be performed regularly:

Directory Submission

Although directory submissions are not as effective as they once were, they are still worth doing. This method is bottom of our to-do list but is still one that we do to encourage traffic through your links.

Blog Creation and Submission of Same to Relevant Blog Websites

Creating a selection of niche blogs which are built and designed to push links to your site is a great method for creating on-topic and relevant backlinks. The success of this method lies in the fact that we will be controlling all of the blogs in question. It is also effective to find relevant blogs that belong to other users and to offer “freebies” in return for a backlink to your site. There are also a variety of pre-existing blog networks that can be tapped for the advantage of your site.

Article Creation and Submission of Same to Article Directories/Websites

Submitting articles to article directories is an extremely effective way of achieving a high page ranking. If you create relevant articles there is a good chance that they will get picked up by third party sites which, in turn, will create back links to your site.


Another method the RankMetric team may employ is the creation of blurbs or snippets from a third party perspective. These are then placed on sites that are considered authorities and have many quality inbound links themselves.

Press Releases and Submission of Same to Relevant Websites

The RankMetric team can also get a press release agenda in place. This will ensure that relevant press releases about the company and its web site are made available a few times a month, thereby creating increased awareness of your site and business. The press releases will be distributed to all the main press release sites.

Guest Blogging

Another service that we offer is to be on the look-out for relevant blogs where we will then become “guest bloggers,” enabling us to leave links back to your site through said blog posts.

Web 2.0 Linking

Search engines implicitly trust Web 2.0 sites. Therefore we will look at methods of increasing linking from sites such as Squidoo and building up the power of these nodes.

High Page Rank Linking

We will constantly scan Google for high page ranking links that we feel your site can benefit from. We will also be on the lookout for trusted .edu and .gov links that can further increase your page ranking.

Viral Content

As the social media sector expands, we at RankMetric believe that your website should be constantly looking for ways to implement natural “viral” content. We can then look at viral content that can be placed on your site in order to help attract natural links as well as a “buzz”.

Profile Linking and Blog Commenting

The RankMetric team will look at creating links from profile pages on sites with high Page Rank and authority. We will also look at leaving a valuable comment on sites which are deemed acceptable and will attract attention to your own website.


Pages with ongoing competitions can also attract a lot of attention to your website. This feature can also link in with the press release feature. Every time a new competition is launched, we can issue a press release through press release sites announcing the competition. This will help generate more links and more buzz.

Social Networking

Social media and social networking are currently huge so it should be used effectively to tap into that segment of the market. We can look at popular sites such as Reddit, FaceBook, YouTube, etc.