Social Media Fans Claim New Michael Jackson Song is a Fake

This week there is a lot of controversy in the social media world about the new Michel Jackson song ‘Breaking News’ – many fans are claiming that it is a fake. This song is a first glimpse at a new album that is soon to be released featuring songs that were recorded before he died. It seems though that there is a lot of confusion about the exact origination of this song. Rumours and false allegations can spread easily on the web and it will be interesting to see if this is the case here.

It is difficult to determine where this news that ‘Breaking News’ is fake started from but it has hit the social media like wildfire. In the last twenty-four hours there has been a ton of tweets about this subject and the debate is moving into the blogosphere. Sony who is responsible for this recording are obviously feeling the pressure and have released a statement assuring fans that this is indeed the work of the late Michael Jackson. In fact his sister La Toya Jackson has also waded in to confirm that it is Michael singing. Despite these assertions there are still being doubts spread around the social media world. In reality, the fact that Sony and La Toya have issued statements might just be fanning the flames.

This is unlikely to be the type of response that Sony were hoping for when they released ‘Breaking News’ on the web. Mind you, there is the old saying that there is no such a thing as bad publicity – we may get to see the truth of this here. You could probably stick the Michael Jackson name on any music at the moment and you would get people willing to pay money for it.

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  • Ben

    I hope they release ‘hold my hand’ ft akon that song is the best song ever

  • Tina Pierce

    true many people is willing to pay money for any music that michael jackson’s name is on it.